What Does Success Look Life You?

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Everyone is chasing success, especially in the era of social media and the internet. It appears that the whole world is winning and you are wondering what you are doing with your life. Reality is that everyone is not winning, people only show you the highlights of life. Don’t judge your success or progression in life based on the accomplishments of others. Success means something different to each one of us.

Success may mean getting a good job, getting married, having children, exercising daily, or eating healthy. It literally means something different depending on who is defining the term. The funny thing about success is that the only way to become successful is to write out what success means to you, create an execution plan, work towards the goal, and celebrate every small win until you reach the goal. Now, let me just say this, success may be painful, but as long as you continue to stretch, the growing pains will eventually subside.

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